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- overlay of footage behind moving image. 

- overlay of street football on actual professional pitch

- something amusing about no use of music

- great close up slow motion shots

- love the silhouette of footballers walking out into the city

- great intense moments caught during the game

- music build

- great use of shadows playing on ground


- great drone shots, backwards and inwards

- love hearing the game over black, no music

- great shot of footballers at the end looking over 'their' city

-  the spinning drone shot cut from the favela to the court is cool

- the shots of the team dogging the camera

- them watching through the fence



- love the build up of the crowd's animosity

- the sound design is great

- the feeling of realism

- the crowd walking together

- the fans energy

- last shot of the pitch at the end of the tunnel

- love the energy of speeches in sports

- great cinematography (colors, dust, shadows)

- the moment of tranquility in the shower, i dig

- great sound design and music

- that drop in music


- love the music

- cool edit cuts with that 1,2-1,2 beat

- love the idea of fire, smoke, riding around the fire


- cool intro of brush painting on camera lens

- split screen looks awesome 

- love the intro overall